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ETL ModernizR PaaS

Painlessly migrate away from legacy systems onto a PCI-DSS/HIPAA compliant platform capable of billions of transactions per minute in less than 6 months.

AWS Native Cloud Platform converts legacy ETL (Informatica/SSIS) and Schema (DB2, Sybase, SQL Server) into highly elastic ETL at Web Scale into a NoSQL database with an in-memory analytics engine.

Platform runs on NiFi, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, and MySQL orchestrated in Stateful Sets in Docker running on Kubernetes 10 for a 99.9999% Uptime Multi Cloud Solution.

Digital Culture Formation

Prevent disruption by discovering categoric formation within your segment of the digital economy.  From Strategic M&A, to wholistic enterprise transformation, we act as a digital guide through the process of re-invention that results in long lasting change and delivers value from day one.

Core Technology Redesign

Stabilize your operations and unlock competitive capabilities by creating a Cloud First, Streaming Data culture that can take an idea from
inception to the center of a Customer’s life within days and weeks rather than years.  Leveraging traditional tactics like Cloud Migrations, Common Data Platforms to Continuous Insights and AI, we help clients understand what is possible and how to reliably implement their unique strategies.